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Merge pull request #110 from eaglerayp/feature/noTLS
10 months ago
_example if username or password are specified, don't assume anonymous in example.go 4 years ago
.travis.yml add .travis.yml 3 years ago
LICENSE add LICENSE file. 8 years ago Update 2 years ago
xmpp.go Fix client no StartTLS & server no required 10 months ago
xmpp_information_query.go add method to send IQ messages without <query> element 1 year ago
xmpp_muc.go go fmt 1 year ago
xmpp_ping.go Auto reply on server ping-request 3 years ago
xmpp_subscription.go Add OAuth2 support 4 years ago
xmpp_test.go Fix neglected io.EOF handling 2 years ago


go xmpp library (original was written by russ cox )