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  dtluna 6a814afbdd Make models, queries and schema private modules 3 weeks ago
  dtluna dd2b2860b5 Add fetching content for RSS items 4 weeks ago
  dtluna d3c1d5fd09 Refactor commands::post 4 weeks ago
  dtluna a1604c097f Refactor commands::feed 4 weeks ago
  dtluna 53fedcb903 Add command to show all posts 4 weeks ago
  dtluna 20738c1a59 Replace show with feed subcommand 4 weeks ago
  dtluna 0360db4f11 Add fetching list of feed items for a feed 1 month ago
  dtluna 7c1168af66 Implement showing feeds 1 month ago
  dtluna e9ada0ced7 Refactor show into a separate function 1 month ago
  dtluna 6f701e26fd Refactor according to clippy 1 month ago
  dtluna 4c8ce46dd1 Make subcommands required 1 month ago
  dtluna 03238394d9 Add show subcommand skeleton 1 month ago
  dtluna 5f19493d6c Remove license-file from Cargo.toml 1 month ago
  dtluna a4c680079d Set up clap 1 month ago
  dtluna c14745c5b7 rustfmt 1 month ago
  dtluna 77492130f5 Forbid unsafe usage 1 month ago
  dtluna 305079a46e Add simple usage of diesel in main 1 month ago
  dtluna 5e2f727353 Add models.rs 1 month ago
  dtluna fa1d92b96e Remove times and dates for now 1 month ago
  dtluna 5b79b3ef35 Add import for diesel macros 1 month ago
  dtluna 8962c7d52a Add create_rss_item migration 1 month ago
  dtluna 9a223e2ca8 Add a development instruction 1 month ago
  dtluna 90c73c8078 Add error handling for embedded migrations 1 month ago
  dtluna fe3189a582 Add migration embedding 1 month ago
  dtluna e71f31ab2d Add create_project_dirs function 1 month ago
  dtluna 85c30232b5 Add connect_to_db function 1 month ago
  dtluna 32e5d84a81 Add db_path utility binary 1 month ago
  dtluna 5e2b7baa49 Remove unused dependencies 1 month ago
  dtluna d3c0fff02a Initialize diesel for project 1 month ago
  dtluna ef1d4ed5e5 Add simple usage of rss and isahc crates 2 months ago
  dtluna 009bfaf9b8 Initialize Cargo project 2 months ago
  dtluna 87910c8d97 Initial commit 2 months ago